by hydren

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released August 11, 2017

recorded and premixed by gabo
mixed and mastered by role/tonmeisterei



all rights reserved


hydren Leipzig, Germany

We rose out of the ashes of brutal and destructive bands from Leipzig like Throwers, Vyst, DeZafra Ridge and Serpent Messiah.
Seems like we ve been growing up, since you can finally find some melody in our songs.

hydren is:

gabo - vocals, guitar
lachi - bass
konrad - drums
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Track Name: zero
these summers have passed by so quickly
and you said what you wanted
so you're paying your part of the fee
by acting like you would be ready to leave any time soon
I called – no one answered

it shouldn't be a big issue at all
you made that clear
I feel like we were professionals in warfare
we carry on as there is nothing, because there hasn't been anything at all
lets cut it down to zero from now on

and while we keep on counting each winter,
summers just pass by like there was nothing
and since you arrived at the cold side of my world,
I feel like I'm freezing myself

dealing with it same way I dialed onefivefive
in the end I hung up
Track Name: either
cynical confessions - prepared like a gift from God
initiated, authentic smile – marketings upper class
dirty hands in pockets speak louder than open arms
rejection as a weapon is shooting everyone who asks
(supernatural desires grow whenever there is a desperate heart)

put yourself into a role that suits your grim
you play it hard and I studied your file

I can't escape this fake-profounded sadness
everything's gotta be high or deep, full or empty
there is no mid – only high and low
nothing in between it is gotta be extreme
we've never learnt to live a normal life – what does it mean at all?
Track Name: false
true to say you're a liar
but I won't walk into your trap
figuring out my own desires
to be not controled by yours
sneaky provider, split tongued hider
pretend you'd never say a bad word
yelling false names withing this hidden game
show us your face

shimmering shades without clear names
like the fruit of your work - all in for the fame
fading grey
blury are your ways
you're not here to prove
only to play your blame game.
Track Name: failed
all those backup plans have failed
I demanded life-time warranty
the request of full refund seems reasonable
I claim everything back.
Track Name: instead
Again, I find myself drowning in fear
that the weight I lift or the heard I give won't be enough.
Certain pages of this book are meant to be filled with colorful pictures of shiny moments
but instead I find myself counting dead letters without meaning
written by tired fingers grown on broken arms made out of fragile glass

something defined rather than anything digged out of this puddle of mud
wiping of the dust of these old phrases
inhaling new breathes of life, this is what I was aiming

don't be afraid to go.
Track Name: h_ours
said what you wanted
you are so far away
went home
when I need you to stay
wish I could turn seconds into hours
and go back to yesterday
waking up is hurting
please, help me to stay
quiet nights, sleepless fight
can we use these seconds as they were h_ours
Track Name: mold
What can we save within this life-time race?
And for what is it worth to struggle day by day
only to increase the pain.
What would we choose to treasure time in our comfort zone,
since we all die alone
keep on cursing your home,
while knowing those who are bound deadly zones.

Cynical life
reality strikes through out this life.

The songs that we sang disappear.
The words that we were shouting– no one heard.

Pain stretches through out a whole life.

All those songs are going to be forgotten.
All these words will fate and will never be heard.

sand runs through my hands.